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School based musical programs and show choirs - SHINE! PerformanceLooking to add a musical experience at your school? Need a director or visionary to help jump-start a healthy music or theatre program?  Shine! staff has been creating such programs at private and public schools since 2002. Julie Petrando and the Shine! staff can:

• Create a choral music experience (ongoing or abbreviated/condensed workshops) for schools without such programs, or enhance/supplement what’s already happening at your school.
• Choose, cast, direct, choreograph a full-length musical at your school
• Provide a clinician to help prepare your choral group/show choir to be ready for an upcoming concert or competition

While Shine! staff is teacher-certified (and PGC-certified, for Catholic schools) for grades K-12, Shine! specializes in the middle-grade children (grades 4-9). We enjoy experiences with the younger grade levels also, which helps to provide a great “feeder” for higher level programs at the junior and senior high levels.

SShineatCopperRidgehine! On the Road…

Shine! can also travel to your school!  We have provided workshops in Illinois and Arizona since 2010, and we’d welcome the opportunity to come to your school.  Workshops in show choir, choral music, acting, musical theater, audition skills, and choreography/dance are just a few of the themes that can be explored.  Shine! can customize a program to fit the needs of any school or organization.  Contact us for more information and to discuss ideas.

otr1SHINE! at Cochise 2016

4th Grade Songs

2016 4th Grade Word Sheets

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